Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Up to Now

At this point, I feel its only necessary to give some background information about myself. For starters, Im from a big family...being the fourth born outta 5 kids doesnt exactly give me a big branch on the family tree. There are 4 girls and 1 boy to be precise, and more often than not i hope to have only boys as when i begin to concieve. Growing up with mostly girls, i've learned to be accepting of drama, and perhaps even welcoming of it, as it sure spices things up more than fort-building and video games. Not that i wouldnt LOVE to be a guy for a day as im sure its alot less work..but you see my point. My dad coins me as being "no man's land" and im not the oldest, the first girl, the middle child, or even the baby. I guess thats where i've always derived my need for attention. I would never say that i go great lengths to fetch attention by any means, I just always have a desire for it. (However, that is but any girl.)

The move to Harlingen was a big part of my life, and a mere test of strength as i went through constant adjustments at school and family troubles at home. My parents ended up getting divorced my sophomore year in high school, but no worries, its for the better, as my dad had developed a serious love for the blow. Yes, Yes, i know that is prolly not very PC to admit, but it is his problem, not mine and comes with it some serious issues against the man. Enough of that. However, throughout high school, i did manage to do exceptionally well in school and acquire a few great friends along the way. Life lessons were also learned that could only have been learned living in the RGV. A-ha, that would make for an interesting post. Come senior year, i couldnt tell you how much i wanted to get out of the valley and on to Texas A&M i went.

I ended up getting an amazing roomate my freshman year in the dorms named Courtney. As Courtney was waking up for rush week, I was stumbling in still drunk at 6 and 8 am. A girl from rush mentioned that she hadnt really met anyone to party with, and Court stated "well my roomate didnt get home this morning till 8am and she was still should meet her." Que the introduction of Jess and Kalena. Over the months, we began a nice little group of freinds who often went out to do freshman things like party at the Salty Dog and cling to a group called PKS because they were older and loved the fresh meat. After realizing they werent gods themselves and with our friend Sterling getting his own apartment, spring semester was definetly defined by us. January began with the meeting of a guy named Matt (a friend of Kalena and Sterling's from Fish Camp), and eventually led to us he was the culprit of most of my time and attention. I've never been someone to hang out generally with just one person, but i guess first loves will do that to ya. You know the idea that sitting around doing absolutely nothing with them still is better than a 9 kegger with shot blocks and drunken frat boys. Still, the fact that we had all the same friends seemed like a great idea as we enjoyed drunken nights at Sterling's, frat parties, and even a trip to Mardi Gras. Ahhh, best trip ever. Regardless, the spring ended in heart break and trouble with friends as the relationship ended, friendships ended due to hearsay, and thus i packed up to head back to Harlingen to work for a family i'm close to all summer.


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