Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Up to Now (Part Deuce)

Continuing on, summer was rough back home as I knowingly slipped into depression, thus spawning a battle with intensive workouts and eating disorders. Oh come on, I had just had my heart royally broken, I lost contact with many of my "best friends", I was back home ( a place where i longed to get way from initially), and i had gained a good freshman 13. Could things have happened any differently? Probably so, but i was weak and still learning. Beginning of July, i made a trip to College Station to see my good friend Kayla, when sure enough, Matt and I got back together. Although this compensated for much of my misery, I still continued lose weight and would not be satified with myself until moving back to College Station.
During Fall 2004, I got an apartment with my good friend Rebecca, who ended up being my angel on earth. The school year began with yet, ANOTHER heartbreak as the relationship with Matt and I came to a final and dramatic end. The depression overcame me once again, as i can hardly remember a time before Halloween where i actually cracked a smile and meant it. Another blessing in discuise was my meeting a friend of Kayla's named Ed Clarkson (who will often be mentioned as just "Clarkson"). Throughout the fall, we chatted on occasion and hungout a few times because he litterally was "the boy next door"..he lived within walkin distance. While attending a Sig Ep Halloween bash, my best friend Kalena and I had worked out our differences and I discovered Matt had began dating someone else..which was hard, but fostered me looking at Clarkson differently. He was CUTE. And smart ( a huge issue with me). Older..very much wiser and a crush began. On both sides.
Spring '05 was a great semester as I began feeling more confident with new friends from a business frat i joined and great ties to old friends and a new guy by my side. Sadly, the semester came to an end but it was wrapped up with a trip to Europe, which was amazing. Clarkson and I are slowly fading because he graduated and will begin law school, but i owe so much to that kid and even my roomie Rebecca. (This paragraph was extra brief because ive been talking excessively throughout the others, but basically it rocked.)
So what now? I took summer one throughout June with the most deuchebag Geology prof, made some trips to Austin, tanned, and saw Clarkson every weekend. As of now, im back home in little h-town working for the Emperadors as always. (I'll have a post of my job description later.)

I'll be back in C.S. ready to roll by Aug 10. I will be doing some heavy drinkin before school begins...any takers?


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