Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sweet Dreams

Last night was terrible! No, I mean it...the night just got progressively bad. It started of when i "had words" with Alexis' best friend Stevie, a 13-year-old millionaire smartass who is too effing nieve for her own good. (yeah, i realize shes 7 years my junior, but still, she sucks.) For whatever reason, that put me in a confrontational mood. As I entered my room anticipating to be comically relieved by Family Guy, I checked on my beloved Beta fish (I had 2), only to discover that "Clarkson the Fish" was dead. (The brief story on that is that one weekend i decided that i needed something to nurture and so I purchased 2 betas that we appropriately named Clarkson and Smitty) I actually was pretty upset about Clarkson the Fish dying. He was kind of a badass. So needless to say, i called Clarkson the person to let him know about the incident...we ended up getting into a fight, which did nothing to improve my dissatisfactory mood. Much later in the evening, Mikey called me drunkenly and informed me that we are "pretty much dating." what!?! I think i've hungout with him all of 3 times since i've been down and apparently thats dating. What a douche. I'll spare you the details of the convo, but he definitely does NOT know the definition of flattery.

All that in my head, led to me pop some benedryl and promptly go to bed. However, i did have a great dream that is the cause for me being in such a great mood this morning. Dreams really can do that for ya. Anyways, i think today will be alright. Time for cheese sticks and hamburgers with the boys.

(its a brief post, but i was in need of a little venting)


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