Friday, July 22, 2005

Night of 7/21

I really dont understand the correllation between alcohol and talking on the cell phone. Ive been contemplating this (well, as much as possible since im pretty hungover) all morning as I recall the events of last night. What was gonna be a standard "going out just to say hello to friends" at my best friend Mason's, turned into a 4-hour poker night and boozefest. (which by the way, i officially feel old cause there were some girls there from the classes below me who've never played a REAL drinking game in their life). I'm pretty sure the night had it in for me, as I got royally screwed in pretty much every drinking game played. I called it a night fairly early after a solid buzz and proceeded to drunk dial, hmm lets see, about 10 people. (One of them being a little more significant than the rest, and lets hope this blog subliminal shout out compensates for the lack of attention i gave to the person in the previous posts)

REGARDLESS, i just dont understand how having a few cold ones prompts me to suddenly be "susie social??" Perhaps its the losing of all inhibitions... as im often scared to call boys, and normally, dont really. To be honest, i have this intense fear of the question "who is this again?" if its someone ive never talked to on the phone before. Or even being really excited that i finally worked up the courage to call someone just to reach them in a bad mood or even "hey ive gotta let you go, im kinda busy right now." Either which way you have it, Im typically not down for calling boys without some alcohol in me.

im not often a drunk dialer, really, im not. but i miss college station just a bit, and drinking beer doesnt seem as cool anywhere hugs and kisses to the ags. I'll see ya'll soon!

Changing subjects, the old Harlingen gang isnt so bad for a short period of time. Its a little refreshing being around old faces and whatnot. For the most part, everyone in the old group looks really good and is basically still the same. Its just a little wierd to see everyone starting to branch out into different paths, for instance, Mikey, an old flame, is going into the Marines. Kirby is working for Southwest Airlines and will be living somewhere in Cali i think. Kim and Beto are now living together and i swear, they will be the first to be known by everyone. The group, half joking and half seriously, talk about how well i'll do and how rich i'll someday be...and this is a lil boost i could use before going back to school cause it just provides more motivation to preform to my highest potential. Ok, ill stop lecturing. I miss CS, but H-town is alright till Aug 10. End of Story.


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You don't live in H-town. H-town has to have over millions of people to count, and your city is not even close.

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