Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Life in Aggieland

Yeah, I go to A&M. I'll be honest...it wasnt my first choice, as i envisioned myself amongst the mountains of Colorado attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. What a douche i was. i've grown to really like A&M, although at times ive wished to be in a bigger city that actually has more than 6 bars. (Not that i can legally get into the bars anyways, im about 8 months shy of being legal.) In any event, I had no idea what the future would entail in College Station. As i've only completed my second year here, i've had many experiences which i didnt think i go through so early. There's nothing like sitting in Kyle Field with 80,000 other screaming fans and thinking theres no way theres a maroon shirt made without the letters A&M on it. Theres also no other feeling quite as scary as strollin along to your first test as a freshman thinkin you know it all and realizing that you never want an all TRUE or FALSE western civ test from a neo-nazi prof that YCT has on their hit list. Wehner High of West Campus, where i have most all of my classes, provides great entertainment when spying new trends, organizations, or just sometimes drama.

Aside from that..theres the social aspect that awakens you in College Station. Friendly faces are everywhere and the corps gentlemen in uniform mumbling "howdy" are an everyday thing. As the months go by, the campus gets smaller and smaller and you come to find that everyone knows everyone by means of mutual friends. FRIENDS... theres an experience. Among the laughs and the drama, wether it be necessary or unnecessary, you kinda self-realize where you need to be and who needs to be there with you. More on that later.

Truth of the matter is, I cannot WAIT to start the fall semester of 2005. It will be filled with new and old friends, hopefully actually making it to more than 2 football games, 21st birthday parties and the evils of new professors and FINANCE 341, which i am dreading.

Im sensing this blog sucks thus far... i'll spice it up later.


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