Monday, July 25, 2005

July 25th

Its 11:30 and no one's awake. Awesome. I guess i'll blog a bit. I seriously never know when to wake up in this house. I dont wanna seem like a princess and sleep all day, but thats the way the Emperadors do it. They really dont get movin' until after 12. LoL, its makes me laugh that the only time i EVER get to sleep in is when im down here to WORK. Kinda ironic. In any case, I had a pretty solid weekend filled with the beach, waterparks, a movie (Bad News Bears was actually really funny), Mr. Gatti's, and everything else a 4 and 8 year old kid would wanna do on a $300 budget. My sister, Rachel, was down for the weekend with her boyfriend at the beachhouse. Rachel's cool. She goes to school in Cali and is only in TX once or twice a year when shes forced to for holidays. And even then, she spends it with her boyfriend of some-odd number of years, Kyle. Rach is probably one of the most chilled persons i know. Nothing phases that girl and ive never seen her freak out about anything. Shes my favorite of the fam.

What else happened this weekend? Seems like a blur. Oh yeah, heres something interesting.. I got asked out on a DATE. By Mikey. Thats weird. If you dont already know the story, Mikey's the kid i was pretty hung up on in high school who would never officially "date" me because he said i wasnt really his type and didnt wanna ruin our "cool" friendship. I'll spare the details, but we were hardly good friends. He's leaving into the Marines on Friday and all of a sudden, he wants to start dating? uhm, thanks but no thanks. Lol, of course being taught well on how to be a ball-buster from my best guy friend...I play the game well. "Uh, i cant tonight..ive gotta watch the boys" (which indeed was a lie as i could have gone out if i had wanted to) "Really? Well how about tomorrow?" jess response "uhm, just call me. We'll figure somethin out." Mikey calls back twice asking me if i REALLY had to stay home. This is just ridiculous. I mean, seriously, the kid has probably called me about 4 times in his whole life up till now, and when i went to the beach, i had 6 missed calls from him?? somethin's up. It does feed the ego a little bit. :) Through life lessons and good friends, i've gained the ability to spot douchebags from miles away. I think its a great skill to have. I've been told repeatedly not to associate with people who just suck, and after learning the hard coming around to do just that. It makes life a little bit easier.

When are these kids EVER gonna wake up? Mr. Emperador just came in and asked if i could help with the billing tonite at the office. This is probably one of the most monotonous tasks ive ever had to do. I'm actually clearing out the billing system. Its computer work that isnt hard, but incredibly tedious as i have a list 97 pages in length of patients who i need to clear from the computers for all the work done from 2002-2004. I'm talking deleting every office visit and punching in codes for insurance companies and Medicare. Not exactly movies and the beach, but hey i'm here to help.

I'm excited about going to Disney next Monday. I've been before and it was a really cool experience for the kids. Anyways, looks like this week will be filled with getting ready for Florida and doing lots of last minute billing before we get outta here. I'll keep busy, but phone calls and text messages are always welcomed. :) Have a great week, ya'll.


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