Sunday, July 24, 2005

Its Sunday, but lacking the ACTION

So, in an effort to stop writing with depressing undertones, i'm gonna write about one of my favorite things about this summer..with one of my favorite people of all time. Yes, I guess this is about the time I'll begin to gush about the wonderful people of my life. Here we go. One of the key highlights of this summer has been the Sundays. I'm sure to most people, Sundays are not all that exciting..for many, its the waking up early to get thee to church, or even the pure dismal feeling because you know Monday is a few hours away and the monotony of the week starts over again. However, my Sundays throughout JUNE '05 were indeed very different.
Througout the month, I was visited by my sweetheart and best friend, Clarkson...who made it a point to drive into CS from Houston every weekend. Where do i even begin? Theres really no way to describe what our relationship is or isnt..or what it is that makes us vibe off each other so well, but I'd take a bullet for that kid. ANYWAYS, As the weekends were generally pretty routine (though each one unique), Sundays were the clencher. Waking up with a quick wrestling session (not what you might think...we really would beat the crap outta each other), Clarkson would take off and do his whole "coffee and reading the newspaper with the old guys at Shipley's". Why he seriously got off on doing this..i will never understand, but thats Clarkson for never really can figure out why he does what he does. He still rocks though. Anyways, i usually retreated back to bed and eventually showered up, got dressed and started breakfast. Breakfast consisted of an old treat my mom would make me when i was a kid...its called a Mr. Peppermint egg. (I wont bore you with the deals, but its seroiusly like sex in the mouth.) Clarkson would return from his Shipley's rendezvous and what we now coined "Action Movie Sunday," was derived because in College Station every Sunday around 12:30 on HBO, there would be some cheesy action movie on..that you really couldnt stop watching. There we were, stomachs full of Mr. Peppermint eggs, sausage, and, occasionally, mamosas...we somehow were mesmorized by this overly-dramatic, and oh-so-fake-and-unrealistic action movie. Clarkson and I, hardly ever at a loss for words, let the conversations slip during these movies. He'd say he would be leaving around 2 and sure enough wouldnt be able to get out the door until 3:30ish, as we were glued to the TV till the overly dramatic climax.

Wow, did i REALLY just attempt to explain Action Movie Sunday? There are no words to describe it, or even words to pinpoint why its one of my favorite things for sure, i've got an amazing best friend who would jump at the chance to drive an hour and a half just to sit and watch corny movies with me in pajamas. Thats Clarkson. :)


Blogger BootStraps said...

That guy seems pretty special to you. I would hope he is everything you say he is.

3:18 PM  
Blogger Jess said...

He's a real pleasure. A grade-A all-star.

5:04 PM  

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