Friday, July 22, 2005

The Employment

Im on the computer and simotaneously watching 2 little boys play video games. Occasionally they'll ask for a snack or a drink and i fetch it...and that is in essence, my job. No wait, theres a little more to it. It also involves travelling to Cancun, Cabo, Florida, and weekend getaways to do basically the exact same thing. You see, i "work" for a Cardiologist back home in Harlingen, a nanny wouldnt be an appropriate title...Assistant is more like it. I wouldnt call it "work" because their 3 kids have grown up and im pretty much part of the family now. Their name is the Emperadors and that consists of Lisa and Mike (SHES the MD, he pretty much lives at the gym) and their 3 kids or my little bros and sis: Alexis 13, Mikey 8, and Max 4. At first they were kinda like rough spoiled brats, but one of 2 things must of happened : either they started to like me and are now, not a problem to take care of, or #2 i became just as bratty as they are and for some reason, it works. I believe it to be a mix of both. At this job, i'm definetly just as spoiled as they are to some extent....heres why:

1) I always stay at their house when i come down, its just easier that way. Ive got my own room which consists of a queen bed, leather couches, TV with satellite, and a mini bar (with alcohol at my disposal)
2) I've got essentially my own bathroom..only used by the kids on occasion.
3) It was recently revealed to be that shes making another room, which she will design with me in mind...doc thinks my TV in my room is too small (its like a 32'') i will have a much bigger plazma flat screen TV in the new room, along with a pool table. Hell ya.
4) I dont drive my own car, and if i do..i dont pay for the gas. Which is alright with me, if youve seen the gas prices later. I drive doc's Aviator or Mike's new FX4 which is ballin. i love it.
5) When the kids get spending money, so does Jess, and it doesnt even come outta the pay check.
6) Doc doesnt think i should work during the school year, so i'm on what she calls the "Emperador Scholarship Fund" that gets me through. The requirements? Maintain decent grades, call on occasion, and come back every so often and work. Its great.

Dont get me wrong, i mean, there are minor setbacks..which will probably be mentioned later, but as of right now..I love my job and my second family.


Blogger BootStraps said...

I'm just not feeling it

11:45 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

apparently we are both very depressing when we write bootstraps...

12:38 PM  
Blogger BootStraps said...

Just so it is in the open. I don't want you to claim i never/don't claim you. It is most certianly recripricated. You are determined to not tell the whole story on your blog about us. You may say well you haven't either Clarkson, but my blog is more stories. It is not a journal which yours seems to be. Just so it is out there. I don't care if it is or isin't, but just don't give me hell for it.

12:51 PM  

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