Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sweet Dreams

Last night was terrible! No, I mean it...the night just got progressively bad. It started of when i "had words" with Alexis' best friend Stevie, a 13-year-old millionaire smartass who is too effing nieve for her own good. (yeah, i realize shes 7 years my junior, but still, she sucks.) For whatever reason, that put me in a confrontational mood. As I entered my room anticipating to be comically relieved by Family Guy, I checked on my beloved Beta fish (I had 2), only to discover that "Clarkson the Fish" was dead. (The brief story on that is that one weekend i decided that i needed something to nurture and so I purchased 2 betas that we appropriately named Clarkson and Smitty) I actually was pretty upset about Clarkson the Fish dying. He was kind of a badass. So needless to say, i called Clarkson the person to let him know about the incident...we ended up getting into a fight, which did nothing to improve my dissatisfactory mood. Much later in the evening, Mikey called me drunkenly and informed me that we are "pretty much dating." what!?! I think i've hungout with him all of 3 times since i've been down and apparently thats dating. What a douche. I'll spare you the details of the convo, but he definitely does NOT know the definition of flattery.

All that in my head, led to me pop some benedryl and promptly go to bed. However, i did have a great dream that is the cause for me being in such a great mood this morning. Dreams really can do that for ya. Anyways, i think today will be alright. Time for cheese sticks and hamburgers with the boys.

(its a brief post, but i was in need of a little venting)

Monday, July 25, 2005

July 25th

Its 11:30 and no one's awake. Awesome. I guess i'll blog a bit. I seriously never know when to wake up in this house. I dont wanna seem like a princess and sleep all day, but thats the way the Emperadors do it. They really dont get movin' until after 12. LoL, its makes me laugh that the only time i EVER get to sleep in is when im down here to WORK. Kinda ironic. In any case, I had a pretty solid weekend filled with the beach, waterparks, a movie (Bad News Bears was actually really funny), Mr. Gatti's, and everything else a 4 and 8 year old kid would wanna do on a $300 budget. My sister, Rachel, was down for the weekend with her boyfriend at the beachhouse. Rachel's cool. She goes to school in Cali and is only in TX once or twice a year when shes forced to for holidays. And even then, she spends it with her boyfriend of some-odd number of years, Kyle. Rach is probably one of the most chilled persons i know. Nothing phases that girl and ive never seen her freak out about anything. Shes my favorite of the fam.

What else happened this weekend? Seems like a blur. Oh yeah, heres something interesting.. I got asked out on a DATE. By Mikey. Thats weird. If you dont already know the story, Mikey's the kid i was pretty hung up on in high school who would never officially "date" me because he said i wasnt really his type and didnt wanna ruin our "cool" friendship. I'll spare the details, but we were hardly good friends. He's leaving into the Marines on Friday and all of a sudden, he wants to start dating? uhm, thanks but no thanks. Lol, of course being taught well on how to be a ball-buster from my best guy friend...I play the game well. "Uh, i cant tonight..ive gotta watch the boys" (which indeed was a lie as i could have gone out if i had wanted to) "Really? Well how about tomorrow?" jess response "uhm, just call me. We'll figure somethin out." Mikey calls back twice asking me if i REALLY had to stay home. This is just ridiculous. I mean, seriously, the kid has probably called me about 4 times in his whole life up till now, and when i went to the beach, i had 6 missed calls from him?? somethin's up. It does feed the ego a little bit. :) Through life lessons and good friends, i've gained the ability to spot douchebags from miles away. I think its a great skill to have. I've been told repeatedly not to associate with people who just suck, and after learning the hard coming around to do just that. It makes life a little bit easier.

When are these kids EVER gonna wake up? Mr. Emperador just came in and asked if i could help with the billing tonite at the office. This is probably one of the most monotonous tasks ive ever had to do. I'm actually clearing out the billing system. Its computer work that isnt hard, but incredibly tedious as i have a list 97 pages in length of patients who i need to clear from the computers for all the work done from 2002-2004. I'm talking deleting every office visit and punching in codes for insurance companies and Medicare. Not exactly movies and the beach, but hey i'm here to help.

I'm excited about going to Disney next Monday. I've been before and it was a really cool experience for the kids. Anyways, looks like this week will be filled with getting ready for Florida and doing lots of last minute billing before we get outta here. I'll keep busy, but phone calls and text messages are always welcomed. :) Have a great week, ya'll.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Its Sunday, but lacking the ACTION

So, in an effort to stop writing with depressing undertones, i'm gonna write about one of my favorite things about this summer..with one of my favorite people of all time. Yes, I guess this is about the time I'll begin to gush about the wonderful people of my life. Here we go. One of the key highlights of this summer has been the Sundays. I'm sure to most people, Sundays are not all that exciting..for many, its the waking up early to get thee to church, or even the pure dismal feeling because you know Monday is a few hours away and the monotony of the week starts over again. However, my Sundays throughout JUNE '05 were indeed very different.
Througout the month, I was visited by my sweetheart and best friend, Clarkson...who made it a point to drive into CS from Houston every weekend. Where do i even begin? Theres really no way to describe what our relationship is or isnt..or what it is that makes us vibe off each other so well, but I'd take a bullet for that kid. ANYWAYS, As the weekends were generally pretty routine (though each one unique), Sundays were the clencher. Waking up with a quick wrestling session (not what you might think...we really would beat the crap outta each other), Clarkson would take off and do his whole "coffee and reading the newspaper with the old guys at Shipley's". Why he seriously got off on doing this..i will never understand, but thats Clarkson for never really can figure out why he does what he does. He still rocks though. Anyways, i usually retreated back to bed and eventually showered up, got dressed and started breakfast. Breakfast consisted of an old treat my mom would make me when i was a kid...its called a Mr. Peppermint egg. (I wont bore you with the deals, but its seroiusly like sex in the mouth.) Clarkson would return from his Shipley's rendezvous and what we now coined "Action Movie Sunday," was derived because in College Station every Sunday around 12:30 on HBO, there would be some cheesy action movie on..that you really couldnt stop watching. There we were, stomachs full of Mr. Peppermint eggs, sausage, and, occasionally, mamosas...we somehow were mesmorized by this overly-dramatic, and oh-so-fake-and-unrealistic action movie. Clarkson and I, hardly ever at a loss for words, let the conversations slip during these movies. He'd say he would be leaving around 2 and sure enough wouldnt be able to get out the door until 3:30ish, as we were glued to the TV till the overly dramatic climax.

Wow, did i REALLY just attempt to explain Action Movie Sunday? There are no words to describe it, or even words to pinpoint why its one of my favorite things for sure, i've got an amazing best friend who would jump at the chance to drive an hour and a half just to sit and watch corny movies with me in pajamas. Thats Clarkson. :)

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Employment

Im on the computer and simotaneously watching 2 little boys play video games. Occasionally they'll ask for a snack or a drink and i fetch it...and that is in essence, my job. No wait, theres a little more to it. It also involves travelling to Cancun, Cabo, Florida, and weekend getaways to do basically the exact same thing. You see, i "work" for a Cardiologist back home in Harlingen, a nanny wouldnt be an appropriate title...Assistant is more like it. I wouldnt call it "work" because their 3 kids have grown up and im pretty much part of the family now. Their name is the Emperadors and that consists of Lisa and Mike (SHES the MD, he pretty much lives at the gym) and their 3 kids or my little bros and sis: Alexis 13, Mikey 8, and Max 4. At first they were kinda like rough spoiled brats, but one of 2 things must of happened : either they started to like me and are now, not a problem to take care of, or #2 i became just as bratty as they are and for some reason, it works. I believe it to be a mix of both. At this job, i'm definetly just as spoiled as they are to some extent....heres why:

1) I always stay at their house when i come down, its just easier that way. Ive got my own room which consists of a queen bed, leather couches, TV with satellite, and a mini bar (with alcohol at my disposal)
2) I've got essentially my own bathroom..only used by the kids on occasion.
3) It was recently revealed to be that shes making another room, which she will design with me in mind...doc thinks my TV in my room is too small (its like a 32'') i will have a much bigger plazma flat screen TV in the new room, along with a pool table. Hell ya.
4) I dont drive my own car, and if i do..i dont pay for the gas. Which is alright with me, if youve seen the gas prices later. I drive doc's Aviator or Mike's new FX4 which is ballin. i love it.
5) When the kids get spending money, so does Jess, and it doesnt even come outta the pay check.
6) Doc doesnt think i should work during the school year, so i'm on what she calls the "Emperador Scholarship Fund" that gets me through. The requirements? Maintain decent grades, call on occasion, and come back every so often and work. Its great.

Dont get me wrong, i mean, there are minor setbacks..which will probably be mentioned later, but as of right now..I love my job and my second family.

Night of 7/21

I really dont understand the correllation between alcohol and talking on the cell phone. Ive been contemplating this (well, as much as possible since im pretty hungover) all morning as I recall the events of last night. What was gonna be a standard "going out just to say hello to friends" at my best friend Mason's, turned into a 4-hour poker night and boozefest. (which by the way, i officially feel old cause there were some girls there from the classes below me who've never played a REAL drinking game in their life). I'm pretty sure the night had it in for me, as I got royally screwed in pretty much every drinking game played. I called it a night fairly early after a solid buzz and proceeded to drunk dial, hmm lets see, about 10 people. (One of them being a little more significant than the rest, and lets hope this blog subliminal shout out compensates for the lack of attention i gave to the person in the previous posts)

REGARDLESS, i just dont understand how having a few cold ones prompts me to suddenly be "susie social??" Perhaps its the losing of all inhibitions... as im often scared to call boys, and normally, dont really. To be honest, i have this intense fear of the question "who is this again?" if its someone ive never talked to on the phone before. Or even being really excited that i finally worked up the courage to call someone just to reach them in a bad mood or even "hey ive gotta let you go, im kinda busy right now." Either which way you have it, Im typically not down for calling boys without some alcohol in me.

im not often a drunk dialer, really, im not. but i miss college station just a bit, and drinking beer doesnt seem as cool anywhere hugs and kisses to the ags. I'll see ya'll soon!

Changing subjects, the old Harlingen gang isnt so bad for a short period of time. Its a little refreshing being around old faces and whatnot. For the most part, everyone in the old group looks really good and is basically still the same. Its just a little wierd to see everyone starting to branch out into different paths, for instance, Mikey, an old flame, is going into the Marines. Kirby is working for Southwest Airlines and will be living somewhere in Cali i think. Kim and Beto are now living together and i swear, they will be the first to be known by everyone. The group, half joking and half seriously, talk about how well i'll do and how rich i'll someday be...and this is a lil boost i could use before going back to school cause it just provides more motivation to preform to my highest potential. Ok, ill stop lecturing. I miss CS, but H-town is alright till Aug 10. End of Story.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Up to Now (Part Deuce)

Continuing on, summer was rough back home as I knowingly slipped into depression, thus spawning a battle with intensive workouts and eating disorders. Oh come on, I had just had my heart royally broken, I lost contact with many of my "best friends", I was back home ( a place where i longed to get way from initially), and i had gained a good freshman 13. Could things have happened any differently? Probably so, but i was weak and still learning. Beginning of July, i made a trip to College Station to see my good friend Kayla, when sure enough, Matt and I got back together. Although this compensated for much of my misery, I still continued lose weight and would not be satified with myself until moving back to College Station.
During Fall 2004, I got an apartment with my good friend Rebecca, who ended up being my angel on earth. The school year began with yet, ANOTHER heartbreak as the relationship with Matt and I came to a final and dramatic end. The depression overcame me once again, as i can hardly remember a time before Halloween where i actually cracked a smile and meant it. Another blessing in discuise was my meeting a friend of Kayla's named Ed Clarkson (who will often be mentioned as just "Clarkson"). Throughout the fall, we chatted on occasion and hungout a few times because he litterally was "the boy next door"..he lived within walkin distance. While attending a Sig Ep Halloween bash, my best friend Kalena and I had worked out our differences and I discovered Matt had began dating someone else..which was hard, but fostered me looking at Clarkson differently. He was CUTE. And smart ( a huge issue with me). Older..very much wiser and a crush began. On both sides.
Spring '05 was a great semester as I began feeling more confident with new friends from a business frat i joined and great ties to old friends and a new guy by my side. Sadly, the semester came to an end but it was wrapped up with a trip to Europe, which was amazing. Clarkson and I are slowly fading because he graduated and will begin law school, but i owe so much to that kid and even my roomie Rebecca. (This paragraph was extra brief because ive been talking excessively throughout the others, but basically it rocked.)
So what now? I took summer one throughout June with the most deuchebag Geology prof, made some trips to Austin, tanned, and saw Clarkson every weekend. As of now, im back home in little h-town working for the Emperadors as always. (I'll have a post of my job description later.)

I'll be back in C.S. ready to roll by Aug 10. I will be doing some heavy drinkin before school begins...any takers?

Up to Now

At this point, I feel its only necessary to give some background information about myself. For starters, Im from a big family...being the fourth born outta 5 kids doesnt exactly give me a big branch on the family tree. There are 4 girls and 1 boy to be precise, and more often than not i hope to have only boys as when i begin to concieve. Growing up with mostly girls, i've learned to be accepting of drama, and perhaps even welcoming of it, as it sure spices things up more than fort-building and video games. Not that i wouldnt LOVE to be a guy for a day as im sure its alot less work..but you see my point. My dad coins me as being "no man's land" and im not the oldest, the first girl, the middle child, or even the baby. I guess thats where i've always derived my need for attention. I would never say that i go great lengths to fetch attention by any means, I just always have a desire for it. (However, that is but any girl.)

The move to Harlingen was a big part of my life, and a mere test of strength as i went through constant adjustments at school and family troubles at home. My parents ended up getting divorced my sophomore year in high school, but no worries, its for the better, as my dad had developed a serious love for the blow. Yes, Yes, i know that is prolly not very PC to admit, but it is his problem, not mine and comes with it some serious issues against the man. Enough of that. However, throughout high school, i did manage to do exceptionally well in school and acquire a few great friends along the way. Life lessons were also learned that could only have been learned living in the RGV. A-ha, that would make for an interesting post. Come senior year, i couldnt tell you how much i wanted to get out of the valley and on to Texas A&M i went.

I ended up getting an amazing roomate my freshman year in the dorms named Courtney. As Courtney was waking up for rush week, I was stumbling in still drunk at 6 and 8 am. A girl from rush mentioned that she hadnt really met anyone to party with, and Court stated "well my roomate didnt get home this morning till 8am and she was still should meet her." Que the introduction of Jess and Kalena. Over the months, we began a nice little group of freinds who often went out to do freshman things like party at the Salty Dog and cling to a group called PKS because they were older and loved the fresh meat. After realizing they werent gods themselves and with our friend Sterling getting his own apartment, spring semester was definetly defined by us. January began with the meeting of a guy named Matt (a friend of Kalena and Sterling's from Fish Camp), and eventually led to us he was the culprit of most of my time and attention. I've never been someone to hang out generally with just one person, but i guess first loves will do that to ya. You know the idea that sitting around doing absolutely nothing with them still is better than a 9 kegger with shot blocks and drunken frat boys. Still, the fact that we had all the same friends seemed like a great idea as we enjoyed drunken nights at Sterling's, frat parties, and even a trip to Mardi Gras. Ahhh, best trip ever. Regardless, the spring ended in heart break and trouble with friends as the relationship ended, friendships ended due to hearsay, and thus i packed up to head back to Harlingen to work for a family i'm close to all summer.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Life in Aggieland

Yeah, I go to A&M. I'll be wasnt my first choice, as i envisioned myself amongst the mountains of Colorado attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. What a douche i was. i've grown to really like A&M, although at times ive wished to be in a bigger city that actually has more than 6 bars. (Not that i can legally get into the bars anyways, im about 8 months shy of being legal.) In any event, I had no idea what the future would entail in College Station. As i've only completed my second year here, i've had many experiences which i didnt think i go through so early. There's nothing like sitting in Kyle Field with 80,000 other screaming fans and thinking theres no way theres a maroon shirt made without the letters A&M on it. Theres also no other feeling quite as scary as strollin along to your first test as a freshman thinkin you know it all and realizing that you never want an all TRUE or FALSE western civ test from a neo-nazi prof that YCT has on their hit list. Wehner High of West Campus, where i have most all of my classes, provides great entertainment when spying new trends, organizations, or just sometimes drama.

Aside from that..theres the social aspect that awakens you in College Station. Friendly faces are everywhere and the corps gentlemen in uniform mumbling "howdy" are an everyday thing. As the months go by, the campus gets smaller and smaller and you come to find that everyone knows everyone by means of mutual friends. FRIENDS... theres an experience. Among the laughs and the drama, wether it be necessary or unnecessary, you kinda self-realize where you need to be and who needs to be there with you. More on that later.

Truth of the matter is, I cannot WAIT to start the fall semester of 2005. It will be filled with new and old friends, hopefully actually making it to more than 2 football games, 21st birthday parties and the evils of new professors and FINANCE 341, which i am dreading.

Im sensing this blog sucks thus far... i'll spice it up later.

For Starters...

Its the inception of my blogging and what better time to begin than being boarded inside a house in preparation for a hurricane about to hit my hometown of Harlingen? No, wait, my hometown is Nacogdoches. Guess I need to start from the beginning for all you guys not "in the know."
I'm a 20-year-old business major at Texas A&M who was born and raised in Nacogdoches, TX until she was coaxed into moving to Harlingen, TX. At first the move was miserable, as I was tormented by many for my so-called "country accent" when obviously I looked Hispanic. A year or so later, I began to adjust and continued out the rest of high school alright.
Often a daydreamer, I find some sort of sanity through writing and I can only foreshadow using the blog to vent about the tomfoolery going on around me. In addition, as ideas and past situations are always running through my head, I can only predict that I will be sharing experiences that will consist of rhetorical questions to my miscellaneous readers.

Without further adeu...I'll start my REAL bloggin....